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Recommended Videos from the WFA 

1917 at Verdun: The French hit back | Christina Holstein

This talk by Christina Holstein was delivered 'live' to an online audience. In this presentation Christina looks at a French attack at Verdun not in 1916, but another - lesser known - attack the following year.

Boer War to World War: Tactics and Training in the British Army 1902 - 1914 | Spencer Jones

This talk by Dr Spencer Jones was delivered 'live' to an online audience. In this presentation Spencer looks at the tactics of the British Army between the end of the Boer War and the start of the Great War

Douglas Haig: Hero of Scotland, Britain and the Empire | Prof Gary Sheffield

In this lecture, Prof Gary Sheffield takes a look at arguable the most controversial subject of the First World War - being the reputation of Field Marshal Sir Doulas Haig who commanded the BEF in France and Belgium from 1915 to 1918.

The Outbreak of the First World War

In this lecture, Prof Michael Neiberg explores a number of themes relating to the outbreak of the First World War, from the diplomatic crisis to the reaction of civilian populations.

They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents | Dr Viv Newman

In this presentation, which was delivered 'live' to an online audience, Viv Newman talks about the unusual subject of female spies who operated in the Great War. Moving beyond the stereotypes of Edith Cavell and Mata Hari this presentation explores the lives and actions of two Belgian and one French woman whose espionage made a significant contribution to the Allied Cause. One is believed to be the only woman, probably the only person, to have been decorated by France, Belgium, Britain AND Germany.

Petain: The Pessimistic Patriot | Prof John Derry

Prof John Derry talks about Philippe Pétain, the French general who is widely acknowledged as having saved the French Army in 1917. Petain was sidelined in 1918, and in 1940 surrendered to the Nazis. Is his reputation deserved or was he a 'pessimistic patriot'?

No Task too Great: VADs in the Great War

In this talk by Sue Light, she looks at the role of nurses and VADs (Voluntary Aid Detachment) in the First World War.

 Dardanelles: centrepiece of British Strategy 1915?

In this presentation, Professor Eric Grove asks if the Dardanelles was the centerpiece of British Imperial Strategy in 1915, and if this campaign was 'the greatest missed opportunity of the war'.